Nelson Wireless Controls

Simply connect Nelson TWIGs to 800 Series Control Valves and couple with the TD200 Controller to automate new or existing solid set or permanent set installations. Ideal for Rotator® systems in nurseries, orchards, vineyards and row crops or Big Gun® systems in agricultural or industrial applications. Wireless automation is easy to setup / configure and is expandable up to 100 TWIGs. The TWIG system takes the “sleep cycle” out of the equation — and completes the Nelson package. Farm managers can germinate, irrigate and provide environmental controls in entirely new ways

The TWIG Wireless Network

The Wireless TWIG System basically consists of a TD200 Controller, capable of controlling up to 100 TWIGs in a programmed sequence. The TWIGs are located in the field on solenoid operated valves.  The system operates like a conventional hardwired automated irrigation system except the underground wires have been eliminated and replaced by two-way wireless radio signals between the TD200 and the TWIGs. The TD200 and the TWIGs that it controls are referred to as a “network”. The TWIG system operates in the 900 MHz range and does not require a license.

The primary benefit of automating the irrigation process is a savings in labour, energy and water, as well as production of higher yield and grade crops.   

Additional benefits:

Precision irrigation cycle times. Apply exactly the amount of water needed by the crop. Reduced initial cost compared to the high cost of hard-wired systems. Eliminates in-ground wire splices which are a chronic source of problems. Reduced lightning damage associated with hard wired systems, except for direct strikes. Eliminates rodent damage associated with buried wires.  Easily expandable to accommodate future system growth by simply adding TWIGs to the network. Solar power option brings automation to remote areas where no power source is available. Makes automation of portable systems possible. There is no limit to the number of TWIGs that can be turned on at any one given time.

Changing the Way We Look at Irrigation

Nelson Irrigation has been manufacturing irrigation products for over 40 years now. By bringing the TWIG Wireless Control System to the table, we are giving you the tools to better utilize the precision-engineered nature of our products. By automating Nelson sprinklers, you can introduce sophisticated watering schedules to your operation to save water, chemical inputs, and energy while also enhancing yield and grade. The TWIG system is currently automating a variety of irrigation types. The R2000WF Rotator is providing highly uniform water applications in short set cycles to promote better germination and irrigation on carrots in California. The Big Gun Sprinkler is providing dust suppression on copper mine tailings in the West - while also mitigating dust problems on quarries and feedlots. Major labour savings are being seen on systems on automated systems where Solid Set Big Guns are irrigating forage crops. Tree & Vine sites across the Pacific Northwest are finding automation an unbelievable tool that can actually help optimize first year tree growth and mitigate alternate bearing tendencies. New automation technologies will not eliminate the need for systems to be checked but they will improve precision of irrigation and thus reduce pumping and fertilizer costs. Furthermore, these new systems will data log each irrigation event. This information can be used to evaluate the performance of irrigators and the effectiveness of irrigation scheduling decisions. The TWIG Wireless Control System is only intended for solid set and permanent set applications - and does not enter into the world of mechanized irrigation, as these systems already have built-in automation.



·         The TWIG (shown on an 800 Series Control Valve) is central to the wireless system. This device turns low voltage DC latching solenoids on and off at the command of the TD200 Controller.

·         Turns low voltage DC latching solenoids on and off at the command of the TD200 controller

·         Proprietary “Nelson” high powered radio. Adjustable between 902 and 924 MHz

·         Three TWIGs available:

o   TWIG-1. Operates one solenoid.

o   TWIG-2. Operates two solenoids, independently.

o   TWIG-4. Operates up to 4 solenoids, independently.

·         Power source: Two D-cell batteries, good for one irrigation season — shipped with TWIG.

·         Utilizes a proprietary “deep sleep” cycle technique to minimize power consumption.

·         Two antenna options:

o   Dual internal antennas (standard).

o   Provides diversity for better reception, and protection from damage. Use where line of site is optimal.

·         External antenna (optional). Use to improve signal reception when TWIG does not have good line-of-sight, and to extend range of communication.

·         The TWIG is packaged in a rugged, field ready water-resistant box. Ag tough!

·         Joining a TWIG to a network is effortless and quick, either on setup of a new system, or the addition of a new TWIG to an existing network.

·         TWIG is capable of running a manual solenoid test to check solenoid.

·         Each TWIG has a factory assigned ID #.