In the field of large-volume sprinklers, Nelson Big Guns® are recognized the world over as the leader in quality and performance. They are engineered and precision manufactured for heavy-duty reliability and long wear life with minimum maintenance required. Every Nelson Big Gun® is subjected to the toughest inspection testing and quality control standards in the industry.


• 100 GPM-550 GPM, 23 M3/H-129 M3/H

Features & Benefits

• Generally used as a traveler system sprinkler (24 degree trajectory)
• Under windy conditions the 21 degree trajectory is selected because of lower
stream height and wind drift of spray
• For dust piles the high angle 43 degree is selected to spray to the top of the


Big Gun Brochure (1.88 Mb) | SR150 Operations & Adjustment Instructions (337.24 Kb) | SR150 Performance Options (135.63 Kb) | Dust Suppression (779.62 Kb) | Traveller Big Gun (2.33 Mb) | SR150 Parts List (1.16 Mb) | SR150 Specifications (1.29 Mb) | Big Gun Features (22 Kb) | Taper Ring Nozzle Data (908 Kb) | Ring Nozzle Data (887 Kb)