Automating the operation of the end gun on a center pivot system has never been easier. The end gun control valve is designed to attach to the base of the gun. In situations where a booster pump is used, the valve will even operate without the problems of solenoid because one is not needed.

Features & Benefits

• A more reliable, more economical, more energy efficient way to control your pivot end gun.
• A simple mechanical valve which can be either hydraulically or electrically controlled and linked to the pivot control system.
• Externally mounted so water does not have to pass through the valve before reaching the gun eliminating the friction loss and turbulence which conventional control valves can.
• No problem with debris hanging up in the valve.
• No winterizing problems because when pressure at the gun drops to approximately 8 PSI the Nelson Valve automatically opens allowing the gun to drain.


Pivot End Gun Brochure (151.57 Kb) | Big Gun Brochure (1.88 Mb) | Purge Valve Brochure (56.41 Kb)