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Control irrigation system operation during freezing temperatures.

Imagine going to bed while the temperature is mild, then having your automatic irrigation system go on as usual while a freeze set in overnight...and you arise to see a landscape frozen over, with ice on adjoining driveways, sidewalks and even roadways a real possibility. In some areas, where temperature swings like this are all too common, the results are not only hazardous to the life of your lawn and plants, it can also be hazardous to those who may walk or drive nearby. With the Hunter Freeze-Clik you can prevent irrigation systems from activating by automatically stopping the flow of water when the outdoor temperature drops to a near freezing level. When the temperature rises above that set point, Freeze-Clik simply resets your system to its regular cycle. Easy to mount, easy to use, Freeze-Clik can also be used in conjunction with other weather sensing devices to guarantee the optimum effectiveness of a landscape irrigation system in virtually all types of weather.


Installs simply and easily
No adjustment necessary

Double-epoxy sealed sensing element
Aids the accuracy of temperature sensing

Can be used in conjunction with other sensors
Enhances the overall automation of irrigation systems

5-year warranty
Your guarantee of dependable operation


FREEZE-CLIK – Freeze-Clik Freeze Sensor
FREEZE-CLIK-REV – Freeze-Clik Freeze Sensor with reverse switching

• Length: 4 1/2"

• Temperature set point: 3˚C +/- 2˚C (37˚F)
• Temperature differential: +/- 1˚C
• Electrical rating: 24VAC 6 amps
• UL listing: Class II Low Voltage (24 volt use only)
• Switching: Closed-above 3˚C; Open- below 3˚C (Reverse switching model)
• Included: 25 ft. of #20 two conductor wire, (direct burial and UV approved) two mounting screws and detailed instructions
• UL listed

Special Usage Note: For landscape applications only. Not for crop protection. A freeze sensor should only be used as part of a sound irrigation system management program, including regular system visual checks

REV = Reverse Switching
Note: To add Bypass Switch Box to any non-Hunter controller
installation, specify BPSW with sensor. Bypass
switch function is standard in all Hunter controllers.


Freeze-Clik Brochure (143.53 Kb)

Freeze-Clik Instruction Sheet (40.11 Kb)

Sensors Product Information Guide (3.61 Mb)


Installation Instructions

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