1/2 PVC-5 Stake & Feedtube Assembly (5 mm)

Durable PVC stake and 5 mm feedtube assembly for R5 & R10 Rotator® sprinklers up to 0.65 gpm (148 lph).


The ½ PVC-5 is a low maintenance solution that prevents damage from animals, machines and workers. The PVC stake protects the tubing from animals chewing on it and is also stronger and more stable than other micro sprinkler stakes. Shallow bury the polyethylene lateral and tubing to anchor and protect them from potential damage.

  • 16" (41 cm) or 22" (56 cm) PVC stake with ACME connection for 5 or 10 series sprinklers
  • R5 sprinklers require #10616 ACME adapter
  • Available with 30" or 48" (22" stake only) of 4 mm tubing
  • Includes LTO barb
  • Do not exceed 0.65 gpm (148 lph) - for flows greater than this use 10 mm feedtubes.