Nelson Irrigation Australia

Quick-Connect Fittings for Detachable Risers

These 1/2" or 3/4" Acme thread quick connect fittings make it easy to remove sprinklers for farming operations.


Solid set irrigation with Rotator® Sprinklers is an excellent way to irrigate small and irregular-shaped fields. However, the process of moving pipe in and out of the field several times a season is costly and problematic. Inexpensive yet rigid detachable risers can be quickly and easily moved out of the way of farming operations, then easily reinstalled when it is time to irrigate.

Now with two sizes of Nelson Acme Adapters, growers can choose from a wide range of Rotator® Sprinkler flow ranges for their specific needs. ACME threads allow users to rethread risers while the system is pressurized, and not cross-thread the risers. The ½” ACME thread is used in 10 Series and 2000 Series Rotator sprinklers. The new ¾” Acme threaded fittings are based on the ACME thread used in the R33. With these new ¾” Acme thread fittings, detachable risers can have higher flow rates and be taller than ever before. Types include:

  • Female Acme x PVC Socket or PVC Spigot
  • Cap, Female Acme x PVC Socket or 1” PVC Spigot