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Rotary Sprinklers

PGJ Brochure

SRM Brochure

PGP-ADJ Brochure

PGP Ultra Brochure

I-20 Ultra Brochure 

I-25 Brochure

I-40 Ultra Brochure 

I-90 Brochure 

ST System

ST-1600 Brochure

Rotary Sprinklers Information & Instruction Guides

PGJ Product Information Guide

PGJ Installation Card

SRM Installation Card

PGP 4 Page Brochure

PGP Product Information Guide

PGP Installation Card

PGP Ultra Installation Card

I-20 Product Information Guide

I-20 Installation Card

I-25 Product Information Guide 

I-25 Installation Card

I-40 Installation Card

I-90 Installation Card

ST System (STK-1/STK-2)

STK-1/STK-2 Installation Manual

MP Rotator®

MP Rotator Reference Card

MP Rotator Promo Brochure

MP Rotator 3500 Spec Sheet

MP Rotator Brochure

MP Rotator Design Guide

ECO Rotator Brochure

MP Rotator Basic Fundamentals Pocket Reference

MP Rotator Landscape Application Guide for Specifiers

MP Rotator Product Spec Cut Sheet

MP800SR Cut Sheet

Pro-Spray Brochure

Spray Sprinklers

PS Ultra Brochure

PRO-Spray Brochure





PRO-Spray Adjustable Arc Nozzles Brochure

PRO-Spray Adjustable Arc Nozzles Product Spec Cust Sheet

 PRO-Spray Fixed Nozzles Product Spec Cut Sheet


Accu-Sync Brochure (1 Mb)
PGV Brochure (251 Kb)
HPV Brochure (216 Kb)
ICV Brochure (69 Kb)


EcoLogic Brochure (356 Kb)
X-Core Brochure (598 Kb)
XC Hybrid Brochure (492 Kb)
Pro-C Brochure (210 Kb)
ICC Brochure (434 Kb)
I-Core Controller Brochure (799 Kb)
DUAL Brochure (4.5 Mb)

ACC Brochure (541 Kb)
ACC Decoder Brochure (525 Kb)
SVC Brochure (164 Kb)
WVS Brochure (192 Kb)
ROAM Remote Brochure (356 Kb)
ICR Remote Control Brochure (157 Kb)
NODE Brochure (192 Kb)

Controllers Information & Instruction Guides

Earthing Instructions For Conventional & Decoder Systems (800 Kb)
Eco-Logic Controller Owner's Manual (1 Mb)
X-Core Controller Owner's Manual (3.87 Mb)
XC Controller Owner's Manual (902 Kb)
Pro C Conventional Controller
Owner's Manual
(902 Kb)
Pro-C Product Information Guide (1.80 Mb)
ICC Controller Owner's Manual (2.33 Mb)
ICC Product Information Guide (938.69 Kb)
I-Core Owners Manual (6 Mb)
ICC vs I-Core Comparation Guide (269 Kb)
DUAL Owner's Manual (5.17 Mb)
ACC Controller Owner's Manual (4.46 Mb)

SVC Controller Owner's Manual (1.63 Mb)
SVC Product Information Guide
(1.98 Kb)
NODE Controller Owner's Manual (3.03Mb)
NODE Product Information Guide (604 Kb)
WVC Controller Owner's Manual (487.94 Kb)
Solar Sync Owner's Manual & Programming Guide
for PC, PCC, ICC & I-Core
(4.90 Mb)
Solar Sync Application Chart (106.45 Kb)
Solar Sync Owner's Manual & Programming Guide
for ACC
(5.0 Mb)
ROAM Remote Owner's Manual (902 Kb)
SRC Plus Controller Owner's Manual (1.13 Mb)
SRC Plus Product Information Guide (1.84 Mb)
ICR Remote Owner's Manual (891.44 Kb)

Central Controller

IMMS 3.0 Irrigation Management and Monitoring System™ Brochure (1.3 Mb)
IMMS 3.0 Product Information Guide (2.50 Mb)


Mini-Clik® Brochure (227 Kb)
Rain-Clik™ Brochure (83 Kb)
Wireless Rain-Clik™ Brochure (265 Kb)
Freeze-Clik® Brochure (142 Kb)
Wind-Clik® Brochure (205 Kb)
Mini-Weather Station Brochure (157 Kb)
Flow-Clik Brochure (596 Kb)
ET System Brochure (476 Kb)
Solar Sync Brochure (392 Kb)


Professional Landscape Dripline Brochure (848 Kb)  

Miscellaneous Products

SJ Swing Joints Brochure (147 Kb)