The Nelson Quick Coupler makes portable Big Gun® irrigation faster and easier than ever before. A quick twist attaches the gun and key to the valve. Simply connect the hydraulic assist and the gun goes into action. The shutoff and disconnect cycle is just as fast and easy.

Features & Benefits

• Super smooth opening and closing to prevent water hammer and surge. No stream trailoff on startup or shutdown to cause soil erosion and seeding washout.
• Extremely low friction loss (less than 3 psi at 160 gpm). Valve is normally closed, fail-safe.
• Equipped with a special guard making it impossible to turn valve on until the key is in the correct position.
• Prevents ponding or runoff due to pipe draining through the low valves when system is shut down.


• Odd-Shaped Fields
• Forage Crops
• Sports Turf Fields
• Sod Farms
• Feedlot Dust Suppression
• Waste Disposal
• Race Tracks, Arenas, etc.


2" Quick Coupler Brochure (352.67 Kb)