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Hunter Industries 40-year anniversary

It all started with one product. Since launching their revolutionary gear-driven PGP® Rotor in 1981, they’ve expanded the irrigation product lineup to include multi-stream sprinklers, smart controllers and thousands of other products across multiple categories.

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The ultimate residential and commercial control solution uses the same modularity as the Pro-C™ Controller, with the power of Hydrawise Software for a smart and flexible control solution.

Higher HPC Controller station capacity

HPC Controllers are officially compatible with the new PCM-1600 and PC-DM output modules

The Universal Decoder Stake kit raises the decoder off the ground to keep two-wire installations organized, clean, and easily accessible during routine maintenance.

Universal Decoder Stake Kit

Simplify Decoder Installation and Service with Universal Decoder Stake Kit

New Tan Bubble-Wide LEPA Plate

The “Bubble-Wide” creates a wider dome of water than standard straight down bubblers providing full coverage irrigation.

Simplify Installation and Maintenance of EZ Decoder Systems

The industry’s simplest two-wire system just got easier! The new handheld EZ-DT diagnostic tool uses wireless…

Introducing The New TWIG Network

Take control of your irrigation system with the most reliable, simple and rugged wireless automation system.

Wireless Sensor Guards for Solar Sync® and Rain-Clik®

Protect the Environment and the Investment with Wireless Sensor Guards

New TTS-800 Series Golf Rotor

Harsh environments, water quality issues, and difficult-to-service rotors can make golf irrigation a complicated task.

The I-80 Sports Turf Rotor

Offering unparalleled levels of power, performance, versatility and safety


Wireless Flow Monitoring

Add Wireless Flow Monitoring to Hydrawise® Smart Irrigation Systems. Contractors will never have to tunnel under or cut…


Introducing New ST System Kits

Keeping synthetic turf sports fields clean, safe, and ready for play just got easier! It’s simple to order essential…

Redesigned SRM-04 Rotor

Make Precise Arc Adjustments and Ensure Top Performance with More Nozzle Choices With some ½" inlet sprinklers,…