Nelson Irrigation Australia

Tree & Vine Applications

Full coverage irrigation and micro irrigation solutions from Nelson Irrigation for fruit and nut trees and vine crops. Ideal for orchards, hops and viticulture.

R10 Rotator

Rotator® Sprinklers

Rotator Sprinklers are durable, reliable and easy to maintain. Efficient uniform water distribution reduces application…

S7 Spinner on almond trees

Spinners & Sprays

Reliable spinners and sprays from irrigation specialist Nelson Irrigation. Efficient agricultural irrigation with…

Pressure Regulator on R10T

Pressure Regulators

Irrigation pressure regulators ensure even flow of water throughout your irrigation system, despite variable water…

Control Valves

Manage pressure fluctuations and control flow with Nelson's irrigation control valves. We stock the heavy-duty metal…

TWIG Wireless Control

Wireless Controls

Remotely control and monitor your irrigation system from anywhere with our simple, reliable wireless automation system.

Close up of a Nelson Irrigation ACV200 Air Control Valve

Air Control Valves

Control the air in your irrigation system for consistent air pressure and even water flow. Air control valves provide…

Overlap Software


Overlap is a software program capable of analyzing the theoretical uniformity of permanent or solid set sprinkler…