Nelson Irrigation Australia

High Volume Applications

High volume sprinklers for farmers and growers. Automate irrigation in pasture, feedlots, dairies and crop plantings.

Big Gun® Sprinklers

Nelson Big Gun Sprinklers are the world’s leading large-volume sprinklers. Used by farmers and for dust suppression,…

Control Valves

Manage pressure fluctuations and control flow with Nelson's irrigation control valves. We stock the heavy-duty metal…

Wireless Controls

Remotely control and monitor your irrigation system from anywhere with our simple, reliable wireless automation system.

ACV Air Control Valve

Air Control Valves

Control the air in your irrigation system for consistent air pressure and even water flow. Air control valves provide…

Pivot Sprinklers

Adaptable pivot sprinkler solutions for agricultural irrigation. Improve uniform water application, minimise run off…