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Revolutionizing Irrigation with Nelson's S7 Spinner: The Sunfam & Macadamia Farm Management Story


In the farming industry, having the right tools is half the battle. When it comes to irrigation, the challenge is to ensure the efficiency, sustainability, and reliability of the systems employed. For Sunfam and Macadamia Farm Management (MFM), the quest for the perfect irrigation solution led them to Nelson's S7 Spinner.

The Challenge

Sunfam, a leading agricultural retailer in Bundaberg, Australia, has been serving farmers with high-quality products and solutions for over 30 years. Among their clientele is MFM, a key player in the region's macadamia farming industry with an ongoing development program spanning approximately 500 hectares per year.

MFM faced challenges with their existing irrigation system provided by a competing brand. The issues were threefold: high energy consumption, frequent nozzle maintenance, and less than satisfactory sprinkler reliability.

The Solution

Enter Alan Loeskow of Sunfam, who introduced MFM to the Nelson S7 Spinner. Designed by Nelson Irrigation, a company with roots in irrigation dating back to 1911, the S7 Spinner promised to address MFM's challenges head-on.

Why the Nelson S7 Spinner?

The S7 Spinner brought several unique features to the table:

  • Energy Efficiency: The Nelson Flow Control nozzle in the S7 maintained a constant flow rate starting from a pressure as low as 15 PSI, as opposed to the typical 25 PSI in other devices. This translated into significant energy savings for MFM.

  • Ease of Maintenance: The S7 Spinner's unique modular design allowed for quick and easy nozzle exchange. Combined with its Quick Clean technology, this made nozzle maintenance less labour-intensive.

  • Reliability: The S7 Spinner featured a ball bearing interface in its housing, reducing friction and wear, which improved start-up reliability and extended service life.

  • Customisation: When MFM requested a specific radius of 2.5 meters for their irrigation design, Nelson fast-tracked the project, delivering the product within nine months.

The Result

The S7 Spinner's successful implementation marked a significant shift in MFM's irrigation practices. Despite being the most expensive option among many, MFM recognized its value in terms of cost of ownership, and it has since become their standard.


Sunfam and MFM's journey to the Nelson S7 Spinner serves as a powerful case study for the farming industry. It shows how a dedication to finding the right solution, coupled with innovative products, can revolutionize practices. As we move forward, the S7 Spinner's unique design and Nelson Irrigation's commitment to solving their customer's problems are set to continue making waves in the 'undertree' irrigation technology segment.