Nelson Irrigation Australia

1000P End of Pivot Valve

Control valves for center pivot end guns (SR75 and SR100 Big Gun® sprinklers) and end sprinklers (R55 and R75)


The 1000P is Nelson's latest end gun valve. The ultra-efficient, easy to repair, and economical 2" valve can be used with both end guns and end sprinklers.

The standard 1000P is installed directly below ANSI-flanged Big Gun® sprinklers. The 1000P-V (for Valley machines) is installed at the outlet of the booster pump. Both are controlled by the booster pump without the need for a costly solenoid.

The following models are available for secondary end sprinklers like the R55 and R75. All models come standard with metal 2" threaded connections, but other connection types are available.

  • 1000P-R (pressure regulating only)
  • 1000P-X (electric on/off, remote solenoid provided by others)
  • 1000P-RX (pressure regulating with electric on/off, remote solenoid provided by others)