Nelson Irrigation Australia

508S-G Wire Finder Mini Locator Kit


  • Voltage Rating : 250V ac, 500V dc (peak)
  • Receiver To Transmitter Distance : 300m


Accurately locate buried wire and cables with the 508S-G Wire Finder from Tempo.

A favorite tool of irrigation technicians across the country, the 508S-G is used to trace or locate dead or energized wires underground, in walls, or even under floors. It identifies circuits and breakers and can pinpoint cables within an inch of their physical location when buried up to three feet (1m) deep and 1000ft (300m) long. Techs also use the 508S-G wire finder tool to estimate the depth of the underground cable and buried wires before they dig.

The quick-change test leads are compatible with international outlets, thus the 508S-G can be used to locate buried wires in any industry. The easy-to-use transmitter and receiver come in a durable, molded carrying case with a quick reference guide to guarantee your success!

  • Both transmitter and receiver are adjustable to optimize results
  • Locate routes of cables and dead or live wires before drilling or digging
  • Fully-adjustable sensitivity for accurate locating
  • Reliable up to depths of 3 feet and lengths up to 1000 feet
  • General area and pinpoint location in one tester
  • Quick-change test leads for use in any industry, compatible with international outlets
  • Voltage protection allows use on live AC circuits (110V)
  • Trace or locate wires underground, in walls or under floors
  • Automatic shut-off preserves battery life
  • All parts are built tough and enclosed in a rugged carry case
  • Quick reference guide in the lid of the carry case

Cat No: 508S-G
UPC No: 783310078869