Nelson Irrigation Australia

521A™ Wire and Valve Locator


  • Automatic Shut-Off : 90 MINT For Receiver, Turn-Off Bumper For Transmitter
  • Attribute Name : Eight D-Cells And One 9 VDC (Not Included)
  • Battery Life : Transmitter: 50 HR Nominal, Receiver: 100 HR Nominal


Trusted by technicians for over 25 years, the genuine 521A Wire and Valve Locator by Tempo Communications.

If you’re looking for the best underground wire locator, look no further!

Requested by name, the industry-leading 521A Wire and Valve Locator is a universal troubleshooting and maintenance tool for electronically controlled sprinkler irrigation systems. You no longer have to search blindly for buried utilities. Use the 521A locator to confidently locate buried wires and underground valves with speed. Use the 521A to precisely follow the path of a buried wire and measure the wire depth. The ergonomic, easy-to-use receiver can accurately locate underground wire breaks, large nicks, and solenoid valves. The high-power, adjustable transmitter features audio and visual indications of signal strength and offers an extended range that allows the user to select the best signal for maximum performance.

Don’t trust your irrigation maintenance to just any wire and valve locator, request the original 521A Locator from Tempo.

  • Troubleshoot and maintain electrically controlled sprinkler irrigation systems.
  • High power transmitter offers extended long range and allows use on higher resistance wire paths.
  • Adjustable transmit power allows you to select the best signal for maximum performance.
  • Receiver provides adjustable loud speaker audio, headset audio, and visual indications of signal strength.
  • Long-nose receiver wand makes it easy for you to move along quickly to locate even the longest wire path.
  • Valve solenoid hotspot signal makes pinpointing valves easy.
  • Rugged headphones block ambient noise.
  • Includes transmitter, receiver, headset, ground stake, and slim-line carry case.
  • Battery-operated.