Nelson Irrigation Australia

Adapters and Fittings

Acme threaded fittings make sprinkler installation/removal quick and easy.


1/2" Acme Fittings:

For R5, R10, R2000, and R2000WF/LP sprinklers

  • 1/2" Male Acme x MNPT Adapter
  • Acme Cap
  • Female Acme x Drip Adapter
  • R5 Acme Adapter
  • Male Acme x PVC Socket
  • Female Acme x 1/2" PVC Spigot

3/4" Acme Fittings

  • MNPT Adapter for 33 Series sprinklers.
  • Female 3/4" Acme x PVC (3/4" socket or 1" spigot).

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Male Acme x MNPT Adapter

Acme x Drip Adapter

Male Acme x PVC Socket Adapter

R5 Acme Adapter

Connect the R5 sprinkler to Acme Adapter threads.

1/2" Acme Cap

Connects to 1/2" Male ACME thread and acts as a shutoff cap.

Female Acme x 1/2” PVC Spigot

Enables easy attachment of a 1/2" PVC riser to a male acme fitting, for example, in detachable risers.