Nelson Irrigation Australia

Antenna Kit

Multi-directional Omni antennas for TWIG devices


The TWIG radio network begins with the controller or hub, which uses a multi-directional 6 dBi Omni Antenna and relies on line-of-sight radio communication. Repeaters also use this same antenna.

The TWIG and TWIG-V units in the field typically use internal antennas, but can be configured with external antennas for applications where tall vegetation or other obstructions would require the internal-antenna TWIG to be mounted at an inconvenient height. External-antenna TWIGs allow the device to be mounted at an accessible location, with an antenna installed high above the crop canopy to improve radio reception.

Antenna kits include:

  • Omni Antenna (6 dbi)
  • Cable assembly (lengths of 10-50' in 10' increments)
  • Mounting hardware
  • Lightning arrestor*
  • Coax tape (for waterproofing cable connections)

*A grounding rod (supplied by others) must be used in conjunction with the lightning arrestor.

Antenna kits are used with:

  • TD200
  • TWIG or TWIG-V Hub
  • TWIG or TWIG-V Repeaters
  • External Antenna TWIGs (TWIG-e or TWIG-V e)