Nelson Irrigation Australia

Big Gun® Parts and Service Kits

Save time and money with these special kits for servicing critical components of your Big Gun® sprinkler.


Big Gun® sprinklers are manufactured with best in class quality, durability, and wear life. But nothing lasts forever, and fortunately Big Gun sprinklers are also easy to repair. These special kits were created to save on rebuild costs and ensure that all critical seals and bearings are replaced at once to keep your sprinkler running for decades to come.

  • Drive Arm Service Kit: available for F75 (#11464), SR75 (#11090), and SR100/SR150 (#9822)
  • Trip Lever Service Kit: available for SR100/SR150 (#12804)
  • Shift Lever Service Kit: available for SR100/SR150 (#12805)
  • Lower Bearing Assembly Service Kit: available for HD100 (#12011) and HD150 (#12737) lower units.
  • Complete SR100 (#12573) or SR150 (#12736) Service Kit: includes all of the above, correspondingly.