Nelson Irrigation Australia



  • Battery: 6 V 4 AA Transmitter, Receiver
  • Depth Range : 0 - 15.000 FT Measures (Plus Or Minus 10 PCT Reading + 0.200 FT), 0 - 20.000 FT Traces (Plus Or Minus 10 PCT Reading + 0.200 FT) Receiver
  • Depth Resolution : 0.100 FT Increments


The TEMPO Communications BLL-200 Buried Line Locator is a compact, lightweight wire finder kit consisting of two components – a transmitter and a receiver. A technician preferred underground wire locator because of its simplicity and accuracy, the BLL-200 receiver can work alone for tracing buried current-carrying conductors, or with the transmitter for tracing other conductive objects.

Applications include locating HVAC, telephone wire, CATV, line voltage, fiber optic with metallic shield, tracer wire for fiber optic ducts, and more. The transmitter also provides the ability to measure the depth of the underground conductor. The BLL-200 is able to detect the electric field around buried conductors, whether originating from power, the included transmitter, or just passive RF coupling. Its transmitter can be directly connected, coupled by clamp, or even just coupled by proximity to the buried service to be followed. The receiver will guide you along the route with sound, signal strength LEDs, and depth estimation.

  • Trace buried conductors.
  • Measure depth of buried conductors.
  • Follow and mark precise routes of utilities.
  • Lightweight and ergonomically balanced.
  • Automatic signal boost makes it easy to trace lines, even those with very week signals.
  • Microprocessor-based circuitry delivers increased accuracy and features auto-gain control in all environments.
  • LED and LCD signal strength indicators make it quick and easy to find exact line location.
  • Avoid damaging services when digging; survey before excavating.
  • Receiver may be used in active or passive mode.
  • Receiver locates multiple passive frequencies with a single setting.
  • Receiver automatically locks out passive range when it detects a transmitter signal, reducing the chance of tracing other lines carrying weaker signals.
  • Traces 20' (6 m) underground and provides depth readings up to 15'.
  • Transmitter can be connected to live lines up to 600V.
  • Molded carrying case included.