Nelson Irrigation Australia


Add cloud-based control and monitoring for ICC2 and ACC2 controllers with the mobile-friendly Centralus irrigation management platform.


  • Controllers: ICC2 and ACC2


The mobile-friendly Centralus irrigation management platform provides highly secure, comprehensive cloud-based control and monitoring features to new or existing ICC2 and ACC2 controllers. The connectivity allows you to view a controller’s status, change settings, view forecasts, save water, and receive instant notification of important system alarms — all without costly and time-consuming travel and site visits.

The addition of internet access brings your ICC2 or ACC2 controller seamlessly into the world of next-generation control. From the intuitive Centralus dashboard, it is now easier than ever to add alarm monitoring, location information, remote operation, and system configurations for ICC2 and ACC2 controllers.

To upgrade to Centralus control, choose one of three flexible connection options depending on site requirements and preference: wireless Wi-FI, hardwired Ethernet (LAN), or 4G LTE cellular connection (service plan required). Log in to the platform with a free Hunter account at

Key Benefits

  • Cloud-based control and monitoring for ICC2 and ACC2 controllers
  • Browser-based programming with a responsive web design allows for seamless navigation between smartphone, tablet, and PC devices
  • Highly secure cloud access
  • Online interactive map display for quick controller access and management
  • Instant remote control from any remote device
  • Flow monitoring and reporting
  • ACC2 has built-in flow monitoring and management capabilities
  • ICC2 requires communication module to enable flow sensor input. View flow rates in real time, track historical flow totals, and prevent water waste and landscape erosion with automatic high-flow shutdown
  • Alarm reporting and detailed irrigation histories
  • SMS text notification of critical alarms to your mobile device
  • Wi-Fi, Ethernet, or LTE connectivity options
  • Multi-day weather forecast based on controller location, including automatic weather triggers to prevent unnecessary irrigation and maximise water savings
  • Professional crew member administration with multiple levels of access
  • Organise maintenance teams and controllers into management groups