Nelson Irrigation Australia

CMA-360B True RMS Pro Milliamp Clamp Meter


  • Battery : 1.5V size AAA battery (2)
  • Auto Power Off : After 30 minutes if no key or dial operation
  • Overload : When applied signal is larger than the max range in use.


It’s here! The true RMS Milliamp Clamp Meter you’ve been looking for. Choose the Tempo Communications CMA-360B Pro Milliamp Clamp Meter for testing and troubleshooting leakage on 2-wire irrigation system wiring, traditional irrigation system wiring, pump wiring, landscape lighting, and a wide variety of electrical applications.

CMA-360B excels at checking for leakage or diagnosing outdoor lighting and irrigation circuit troubles, so you can stay on top of potential issues. The handy Auto-Range function takes the guesswork out of the equation; simply set the appropriate position on the milliamp meter dial and easily test AC volts, DC volts, AC Current, AC Milliamp current (leakage), or Ohms.

True RMS can measure alternating current (ac) or ac voltage. The CMA-360B milliamp meter gives the user the ability to obtain accurate results in “dirty” power conditions, like measuring the current draw of a pump motor. The combination of the True RMS with resistance measurement up to 600k Ohms, and the current measurement resolution to 1/1000th of a milliamp (one microamp), provides the ability to find troubles other meters may miss.

A clamp meter measuring into the milliamps is a necessity in today’s growing 2-wire irrigation system market, and now you’ve found the best milliamp meter available today!

Typical uses of the Milliamp Clamp CmA-360B:

  • Measure mA current for 2-wire irrigation
  • Voltage and resistance measurements for irrigation/ landscape lighting wiring systems
  • Current measurements for pumps, lighting systems, etc.

CMA-360B Milliamp Clamp Meter Features:

  • True RMS response for AC voltage and current ranges for best accuracy with both smooth and noisy or distorted waveforms
  • AC Current Measurement
    o 60A max range, ideal for all domestic and light industrial use
    o 6000 mA (6 A) range, ideal for lighter loads such as lighting
  • AC Milliamp Current Measurement (leakage)
    o 6.000mA range has 0.001mA, 1μA resolution. 60.00 and 600.0mA ranges are also available. These are excellent for checking for leakage or diagnosing outdoor lighting and irrigation circuit troubles.
  • Check for "Nuisance Tipping" (GFCI/RCD) or in irrigation systems to check digital decoders of landscape lighting or feedback signals in industrial control.
  • Selectable Low Pass Filter to eliminate high-frequency components (>160 Hz) from measurements.
  • 0.001 mA (1 μA) current resolution
  • Auto Power Off
  • Peak hold function can be left monitoring until trip occurs.
  • Manual hold button allows the reading to be "held" perhaps where the display cannot be read due to orientation.
  • Jaw opens to 23 mm, ideal for most domestic and light industrial cables.
  • Zero button allows nulling out any "stray" field from nearby - our specially designed clamp does that better than most other clamp meters.
  • Clamp Meter Supplementary Functions
    o Voltage AC and DC from 600.0 mV to 600.0V
    o Resistance to 600.0 to 600.00 k-ohms
    o Continuity test < 45 ohms
  • Milliamp Meter Display backlight
  • Overvoltage protected to CAT-IV 300V and CAT-III 600V.
  • Supplied with a pair of test leads with removable arc-flash guards, an instruction manual, a carry case and 2 x AAA cells