Nelson Irrigation Australia

End Gun Booster Pump

Specifically engineered for 50Hz vertical mount, the HC-EGBP is a unique range of booster pumps for end of pivot applications in countries with 50Hz power supply. The performance of the HC-EGBP range is perfectly matched to centre pivot end gun requirements to ensure maximum irrigated area.


  • Flow: 0-230 gpm (0-50 m3/hr)
  • Electric Motors: 1.5, 2.2 and 3.7kW IP56
  • Pressure: 30-50 psi (2.0-3.5 bar)
  • Mounting: Companion Flanges or Mounting Hardware Included


The HC-EGBP range has been developed specifically for centre pivot applications operating with 50Hz power supply. Other booster pumps designed to operate at 60Hz or 60/50Hz power supply do not provide adequate end gun boost pressure when running at 50Hz. Designed to provide a minimum boost of 32psi (2.3 bar) at 20, 30 & 45 m3/hr the 3 models of booster pump cover the entire range of end gun flow rates. Pumps and motors have been designed for vertical mounting to simplify installation hardware. Companion flanges or mounting hardware to suit most centre pivot applications are included in the pump price. The HC-EGBP pumps are designed to comply with current OHS expectations with twin lifting eyes to ensure replacing underperforming or failing existing 60Hz pumps can be achieved with maximum safety. All motors are certified as complying with E3 minimum efficiency standards and are IE2 and CE certified.

Key Benefits

  • 50Hz performance to ensure centre pivot end guns provide the maximum irrigated area
  • 1.5kW, 2.2kW and 3.7kW models cover the entire end gun flow range requirements
  • Specific vertical mount design to simplify installation
  • Seal flush tube included to reduce air locking
  • Engineered stainless steel volute and impeller to reduce weight and increase corrosion resistance.
  • IE2 and IP56 motor ratings for peace of mind in an exposed application.
  • Twin lifting eyes for maxim safety during installation.
  • NPT, BSP and flanged mount kit options to minimise pipework
  • End gun control valve can be installed simply and cost effectively in the discharge flanges.
  • Spare parts kits to ensure maximum infield life expectancy.