Nelson Irrigation Australia

FT3 Stake & Feedtube Assembly (5 mm)

This simple, cost-effective stake and feedtube option for R5 and R10 Rotator® sprinklers is perfect in under tree applications.

A hazelnut field with cover crop irrigated with Nelson R10 Rotator® sprinklers for full coverage


  • 15.75" plastic stake for R5 and R10 Rotator® sprinklers (ACME threaded)
  • The R5 sprinkler requires the #10616 Female ACME x R5 Adapter to connect to assembly.
  • Available with 30" or 48" of 5 mm tubing
  • Includes LTO barb
  • Do not exceed 0.65 gpm (148 lph) - for flows greater than this use 10 mm feedtubes (FT4, FT5, or 3/4" PVC-10)