Nelson Irrigation Australia

FT4 Feedtube Assembly (10 mm)

Feedtube Assembly for the R10T, R2000, R2000LP & R2000WF.

A hazelnut field with cover crop irrigated with Nelson R10 Rotator® sprinklers for full coverage


An 8 mm rod stake (not included) offers flexibility in sprinkler mounting height and stake depth.

  • Compatible with 8 mm x 24" (61 mm) steel or fiberglass rod stake (order separately).
  • Compatible with 1/2" ACME threaded sprinklers using the included stake adapter (#9677).
  • Includes 36" (91 cm) of 10 mm flexible PVC tubing
  • Includes LTO 7 mm barb
  • Use the rod stake installation tool (#10287) in rocky or hard soils.
  • Do not exceed 2.4 gpm (545 lph)