Nelson Irrigation Australia


Saddle-style insertion electromagnetic flow meter, designed for irrigation and water industry and best suited to applications like centre pivot systems, well monitoring, surface water measurement, and more.


  • Size: 4"-12"
  • Power: DC power optional


The McMag 2000 provides farmers and irrigators an affordable and easy-to-read mag meter with minimal maintenance and little to no downtime. The McMag 2000 has a low cost of ownership without compromising durability and accuracy. The McMag 2000 is portable, an efficient purchase for users with multiple irrigation lines. This mag’s familiar saddle-style form and streamlined functionality allows for in-field programmability and serviceability.

The McMag2000 allows for in-field serviceability, guaranteeing minimal downtime and maximum control.
Electronic register featuring EasyRead technology, standard instantaneous flowrate indicator, and nine-digit straight-reading totalizer.
The saddle style design and DIY converter programmability allow for portability
5D upstream, 2D downstream straightrun requirements; 1.5D upstream, 1D downstream with flow straightener
Retrofit available using Mc®Propeller saddle
Angled sensor measures from the center of the flow, providing +/- 2% accuracy reading
4" - 12" pipe diameter sizes available

Key Benefits

  • Modular design - each piece can be independently replaced and self-serviced
  • Overall low cost of ownership - mag technology at a wallet-friendly price and with in-field replacement kits
  • 5-year full warranty, DC power available, and pulse-out available for system integration

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