Nelson Irrigation Australia

MM810 Multimeter


  • Display : 9999 counts: ACV, DCV, Hz, and nS 6000 counts: mV, µA, mA, A, ohm, and capacitance
  • Sampling Rate : Numeric Display: 5 per second 41-Segment Bar Graph Display: 60 per second
  • Automatic Shut-Off : After 30 minutes of inactivity


The MM810 from Tempo Communications is an advanced multimeter geared toward professional technicians and electricians. The MM810 is a highly accurate, high precision, True-RMS (TRMS), dual display multimeter with all the measurement features one is likely to need in the field.

Built to international safety standards the MM-810 performs all the tests any electrician would want with the added precision of true-RMS response for AC measurements. Features like “BeepJack” enhance safety and help prevent damage when leads are attached to the wrong terminals for the type of test selected. Fully auto ranging or manual—the choice is yours. The backlit LCD helps when testing in those awkward cupboards.

  • 13 functions: Volts, ohms, current, frequency, duty cycle and logic frequency, mV, mA, uA dedicated ranges
  • Continuity, diode, capacitance, relative measurements
  • Millivolt and microampere ranges for precision measurements
  • Auto and manual ranges
  • Dual display can show RMS and frequency, or RMS and DC
  • Supplied with custom-built fabric case

The MM810 is supplied with a zipper case and high-quality safety test leads:

  1. True RMS response for AC measurements
  2. Dual display allows, for example AC V and frequency
  3. Fast response 41 segment “bar-graph” with 60 updates per second
  4. 9999 or 6000 Count large digit LCD with 5 updates per second
  5. Core accuracy better than 0.1%
  6. Millivolt and microampere ranges for precision measurements
  7. Measurements:
    • Voltage (ac or dc)
    • Current (ac or dc)
    • Continuity
    • Resistance
    • Conductance
    • Capacitance
    • Diode
    • Frequency
    • Duty Cycle