Nelson Irrigation Australia

OmniMarker II


  • Application : For electronically marking key locations in buried utility
  • Unit of Supply : One box contains 30 markers
  • Expected Lifetime : >40 years if installed correctly


OmniMarker II Underground Utility Marker Ball – The OmniMarker II electronic marker ball for underground location provides an improved method to electronically mark and locate buried underground facilities. The environmentally friendly OmniMarker II buried markers do not contain liquids or hazardous chemicals, instead, they contain a large gimballed coil that automatically orients itself horizontally when placed in the ground. This patented technology ensures that there is a location “sweet spot” directly above the point of interest regardless of how the marker is placed in the ground. No hazardous chemicals means they are safe for the environment. No batteries or active components means the markers are designed to last.

The OmniMarker II uses industry-standard frequencies and can be detected with any electronic marker locating device, such as the Tempo EML100, when buried up to 5 feet deep. When the marker ball is excited by an electronic marker locator, these passive circuits produce a precise, dipole field directly above and below the buried unit making it easy to locate your buried utility. The OmniMarker II electronic underground marker ball’s patented design allows it to offer location performance equal to others while being slightly smaller and lighter in weight.

  • Operating Depth: >5ft typical (1.5m) in most soil types
  • Package Material: High-density polyethylene
    • Durable
    • Reusable
    • Recyclable at end of life
  • Strong, molded tie-down loops
  • Supplied in cases of 30 markers
  • Weight: 0.3lb (154g)
  • No hazardous fluids

Use the OmniMarker II buried utility marker ball to mark and find:

  • buried splices and load coils
  • buried service drops
  • pipe ends
  • conduit stubs
  • road crossings
  • cable paths
  • fiber optic facilities
  • manholes under pavement or grade changes
  • snow-covered installations
  • military caches
  • survey points
  • septic installations
  • repair points
  • non-metallic lines