Nelson Irrigation Australia

Part-Circle Sprinklers

Nelson part-circle sprinklers direct the water off of the pivot structure at the towers and away from the wheel track to prevent deep wheel track ruts. Overall field uniformity can be maintained by preventing excessive slippage of the tires, and maintaining a uniform speed of travel.

Nelson Irrigation's PC-R3030 Part-Circle Rotator®


Part-circle sprinklers are best used for dry wheel track solutions, hose boom applications, or a simple end of system addition. Choose from the PC-Rotator®, PC-Spinner, and PC-Sprayhead. All sprinklers are available in both 3000 Series (with 3TN nozzle) and 3030 series (with 3NV nozzle). The 3030 series utilizes the universal adapter (U3030).

Mount only on a straight rigid drop or a hose boom such as “boombacks” from IACO.

The Part-Circle Rotator® with rotating streams provides the widest throw available and better overlap when used with other Rotator® Sprinklers.

The Part-Circle Spinner provides gentle, rain-like droplets with high uniformity. It pairs well other Spinner and Orbitor packages.

The Part-Circle Sprayhead is an economical part-circle option for Sprayhead systems. The Part-Circle spray plate provides stream definition similar to the spray plate geometry of the #9493 Blue spray plate. The medium grooves and concave trajectory provide wind-penetration and wide throw distance.

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