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Pilot® Command Center Software

Advanced Control Simplified by Innovation
Advanced Control Simplified by Innovation


  • Application: Golf course irrigation
  • Number of Stations: Up to one million
  • Type: Computer software


Pilot Command Center software (CCS) is easy to use and has all the features you need to reliably and automatically water your course. Run times can be adjusted manually or determined automatically using ET. You create watering plans directly in the Command Center — a powerful irrigation planning tool that shows you every sprinkler on the course organized according to your management style.

Key Benefits

  • Command Center: The Command Center organizes all the information you need for daily operation in one place.
  • Watering strategy: Make today’s changes and then pick a time to start watering. Pilot takes care of the rest!
  • Water and Wait: Is it difficult to water your course without wet and dry spots because your older system has three heads per station? Water and Wait can help. This feature breaks long runtimes into several short watering periods separated by a wait time. The wait time allows water to percolate into the root zone before more is applied.
  • Hydraulic model: Extend the life of your underground pipe network. The hydraulic model ensures water passing from your pump station to each of your sprinklers travels at safe speeds to prevent sudden spikes in pressure.
  • Watering window: Save money on electricity by optimizing your watering window. Pilot’s hydraulic model produces water window efficiencies of 90% or better.
  • ET-based scheduling: Add a weather station and Pilot can determine the amount of water required according to local weather conditions.
  • System life: With Pilot CCS, critical irrigation is not dependent upon the availability of a computer or communications link that is subject to a single point of failure. Pilot CCS turns your watering plan into highly efficient instructions then gives them to the Pilot Network, where they are stored in the non-volatile memory of your field equipment. Each controller and hub follows the instructions daily until you send new instructions. If there is a problem with your computer and you are unable to send new instructions, your hubs or controllers will continue watering using the last instructions they received.
  • Reports: Stored reports can also be saved as spreadsheets.
  • Operating system: Pilot CCS comes pre-loaded on a compact, display-mounted computer running the latest Windows® operating system. Currently, systems are shipped with 64-bit Microsoft® Windows 10 Pro. ( Microsoft and Windows are trademarks or registered trademarks of Microsoft Corp. in the U.S. and other countries. )
  • Controller programs: Sometimes you need precise control over exactly which station runs and when, such as when you are germinating seed or winterizing the system. Pilot field controllers and hubs have the best standalone controller programming features in the industry. If you link your field equipment together as part of a Pilot Network, you can view and edit the controller-based schedules from the comfort of your own office.