Nelson Irrigation Australia

Pilot Field Controller System

Reliable Field Control Packed with Features
Reliable Field Control Packed with Features


  • Application: Golf
  • Number of Stations: 80
  • Type: Field Controller


The Pilot field controller manages up to 80 stations in 10-station increments. The full-featured controller has everything you need in a stand-alone field controller.

For a fully automated, flow-optimized system network all your controllers together with Pilot Command Center software. Communication options include wired, UHF radio and licence-free radio. Power options include both 120 VAC and 230 VAC. Advanced troubleshooting features like a UHF radio signal strength meter and extensive system and error logging are complimented by Hunter’s Safety-Toggle™ station switches.

To make things even easier, the only service tool required is a phillips screwdriver – and you don’t even have to bring it with you because we include one with every controller.

Key Benefits

  • Five languages
  • Up to 80 station outputs in 10-station increments
  • Up to three Hunter golf valve-in-head rotors per station output
  • Up to 20 simultaneous Hunter golf valve-in-head rotors active per controller
  • 32 automatic schedules with eight start times per schedule
  • Exclusive Safe-Toggle™ mechanical on-off-auto station switches
  • 1–31 day skip-day scheduling
  • One-touch rain shutdown up to 30 days or indefinitely
  • One-touch Safe-Pause™ with 30-minute safety timer
  • 1–300% run time seasonal adjustment
  • Seasonal start time adjustment is used to quickly change all start times plus or minus 30 minutes