Nelson Irrigation Australia

Pilot Integrated Hub Systems

Wired to Save Time and Money
Wired to Save Time and Money


  • Application: Golf
  • Number of Stations: 999
  • Type: Integrated Hub


Integrated hub systems are one of the fastest-growing forms of technology in irrigation control. A key advantage over field controller systems is that integrated hub systems use significantly less wire. This means lower costs, faster installation, and easier system diagnosis and repair if needed. Systems can be easily expanded — with minimal digging and disruption of landscaping — by adding more two-way modules (TWMs) instead of running additional wires.

Pilot embraces this cost-efficient approach. Pilot two-way modules are available with 1-, 2-, 4-, and 6-station outputs, making it possible to run each head on an entire green with a single device. In all, TWMs let you operate about 1,000 stations up to 2 kilometers from a single hub.

Pilot two-way modules include built-in surge suppression, colour-coded wire connections, true independent station control, programmable station addresses, and two-way feedback to the hub with confirmation and status indication. Pilot-SG surge suppressors are required when the system is designed and installed with golf rotors containing integrated TWMs.