Nelson Irrigation Australia

PM100 Pocket Multimeter


  • Display : 6000-count LCD
  • Temperature Coefficient : Nominal 0.15 x (specified accuracy) per °C below 18 °C or above 28 °C


The PM100 Pocket Multimeter from Tempo Communications is an accurate, automatic, pocket-sized “6000 count” meter that deserves to live in every technician’s (or homeowners’) tool bag, if not pocket. It has a default power on “Auto” mode that magically checks for voltage and displays that if present, if not then it will attempt to measure resistance. The PM-100 is a go-to-tool for quickly checking electrical supplies and basic continuity.

  • Volts, ohms, continuity, electric field, frequency, capacitance
  • CAT-III 300V
  • Supplied with integrated test leads with arc-flash guards
  • Includes a custom fabric carry case

The PM100 is supplied in a convenient zipper case and includes a 6000 count large digit LCD. The only control on this Pocket Multimeter is a single push button that switches the unit on and off, and cycles through the various tests. The PM100 powers up in Auto mode and checks for voltage and displays if present, if not, it will attempt to measure resistance. Manual modes are:

  • Continuity (with visible and audible indication)
  • Electric Field (EF) for non-contact or contact checking for presence of ac voltage
  • AC voltage (low impedance to prevent ghost readings) to 450 V
  • DC voltage to 450 V
  • Resistance to 6 milliohms
  • Frequency to 30 kHz
  • Capacitance to 100 uF

Specifications :