Nelson Irrigation Australia

R10T Rotator®

The R10 Turbo is a small, low-volume sprinkler like the R10 Rotator — but with a little more kick!

Close up of Nelson Irrigation's R10T Rotator® with Purple Plate


  • Flow: 0.6-2.1 gpm (140-469 lph)
  • Pressure: 25-50 psi (1.8-3.7 bar)
  • Radius: 20-33 ft (6.1-10.1 m)
  • Nozzle Size: #8.3-10 2TN, 0.75-1.0 10FC


These Rotator sprinklers perform reliably in the mid-range between a micro sprinkler and a standard size sprinkler and provide high uniformity and optimal soil infiltration. Choose from the P6 9° Blue, P6 15° Purple, P8 15° Gold, or P8 24° Brown plates. Applications include: under-tree irrigation and environmental control of tree fruit, vine, and tree nut crops — as well as overhead irrigation, cooling, and environmental control in tree, vine, small fruit, and nursery crops.