R2000 Rotator®

The R2000 Rotator uses proven Rotator® Technology to provide high uniformity without the riser vibration or splash down associated with impact sprinklers.

Nelson's R2000 Rotator® sprinkler irrigating tree nuts in California


  • Flow: 0.7-3.5 gpm (150-792 lph)
  • Pressure: 30-60 psi (2-4 bar)
  • Radius: 21-37 ft (6.4-11.3 m)
  • Nozzle Size: #8.3-16 2TN, 0.85-2.5 2000FC


The simple, snap-apart design is durable, reliable, and easy to repair and clean. Choose from 15 different plate options to achieve optimal trajectory and throw characteristics. Applications include: under-tree irrigation and environmental control of tree fruit, vine, and tree nut crops — as well as overhead irrigation, cooling, and environmental control in tree, vine, small fruit, and nursery crops.

Choosing the correct plate for your application:

Plates are named after their nozzle size range (K1 - #8.3 / K2 - #9-10 / K3 - #11-12 / K4 - #13-14 / K5 - #15-16), and their trajectory (6°, 9°, 15°, or 24°).

Low trajectory gives low stream height to avoid things like shade structures and vegetation, but also has the lowest radius of throw. Stream and throw distance increase with trajectory.

The color band on the plate (white, black, or gray) matches the color of the sprinkler diffuser, which is designed with a specific number of "fingers" to provide optimum irrigation distribution uniformity.

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Disconnect and reconnect 2000 Series Rotator Sprinklers for nozzle cleaning while under pressure.

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Easily removes the cap assembly on the R2000(WF).

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Protect adjacent tree trunks by creating a small wedge shape in the wetted pattern.

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