Rotator® Tools

Maintenance and repair of Rotator® Sprinklers is simple with these handy tools.


Tools for 2000 Series Sprinklers:

  • Flush tool
  • Cap removal tool: easily remove the sprinkler cap. Also includes a plastic wire for unplugging the plate/nozzle.
  • 2TN nozzle removal tool
  • Motor removal tool
  • Plate removal tool for the R2000

Tools for 33 Series Sprinklers

  • Flush tool
  • Diffuser/Motor removal tool

Pressure gauge tap kit: easily check pressure right at the sprinkler.

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R2000 Flush Tool

Disconnect and reconnect 2000 Series Rotator Sprinklers for nozzle cleaning while under pressure.

R2000 Cap Removal Tool

Easily removes the cap assembly on the R2000(WF).

2TN Nozzle Removal Tool

Easily removes the Nozzle on the R2000(WF).

R2000 Motor Removal Tool

Removes the motor from the R2000 (WF)

R2000 Plate Removal Tool

Removes the plate from the R2000

R33 Flush Tool

The Flush Tool can be used to disconnect and reconnect the sprinkler for nozzle cleaning while under pressure without getting the irrigator soaked.

R33 Diffuser/Motor Tool

Diffuser/ Motor/ Installation/ Removal Tool

Rotator® Accessories

Adapters & fittings, road guards, stream splitters, stake & feedtube…

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