Nelson Irrigation Australia

SJ Swing Joint

Easily adjusts sprinklers to proper height and position, and eliminates broken risers
SJ Swing Joint


  • SJ Swing Joint: 15 cm or 30 cm


Have you experienced trouble installing sprinklers to the correct finish grade because you can’t find the right riser length? When existing pipes are buried in shallow trenches and you want to retrofit to taller pop-up sprinklers, what can you turn to? Are you having difficulty raising sprinklers that are buried under inches of built-up thatch? Do you want to be sure that when a sprinkler has heavy equipment rolling over the top it can be easily readjusted to the correct grade? Presenting the perfect solution — the Hunter Swing Joint. It’s the way to easily install sprinklers to their proper height and position in mere seconds. This is an innovative product you won’t want to pass up!

Key Benefits

  • Standard configuration has swivel ells on both ends for maximum versatility
  • Retrofit version has a 21 mm hex nut for easy threading into horizontally oriented fittings
  • Unique patented swivel ells can be installed to virtually any configuration, leak free
  • Pressure rated to 10 bar; 1000 kPa