Nelson Irrigation Australia

Solar Kit

Sustainable and reliable power solutions for TWIG controllers and repeaters.


The TWIG-MC, TD200, and repeaters are available in 12 VDC versions for applications where a sustainable source is preferred, or an otherwise reliable power source is not available. For example, sites with diesel pumps often require a 12 VDC solar power source to keep the TWIG system "live" even when the pump is off. Nelson Irrigation has put together the following solar kits specifically for the power demands of the respective TWIG components.

Solar kits include:

  • Solar panel
  • Mounting hardware
  • Charge controller
  • Weather resistant enclosure for battery and charge controller
  • Battery (optional)

Part numbers for solar kits with battery:

  • #13438 - TWIG-MC
  • #12075-001 - TD200
  • #12075-002 - TWIG Repeater and TWIG-V Repeater