Nelson Irrigation Australia

Spike Marker


  • Materials: Enclosure HDPE fully sealed. RoH5 and REACH compliant.
  • Length: 89mm (standard), 106mm (coupler option)
  • Expected Lifetime: >40 years if installed correctly


Increase the safety and efficiency of your technicians with electronically marked utilities. Spike Markers make it easier to accurately locate, particularly “non-conductive” and “non-ferrous” cables, pipes, and ducts. They are also ideal for marking key points in networks such as tees, valves, overgrown junction boxes, and more.

Save hours of unnecessary digging and reduce costly utility strikes by marking the location of underground utilities with Spike Marker by Tempo.

Spike Markers are designed to pinpoint objects buried in soil to at least one meter (3.3 ft) deep. Particularly useful with utilities’ “distribution” ducts and similar applications such as cable TV drops, fiber drops, traffic light control cables, or power, gas, and district heating lines to properties. The smaller size and diameter of the Spike Marker are ideal for shallow, narrow ducts where the Tempo OmniMarker II is impractical. Being compact, the Spike Marker is also ideal for placing alongside or inside smaller enclosures enabling easy relocation when they become overgrown.

Made of high-density polyethylene, the Spike Marker has a lifetime comparable to the equipment they are buried alongside. Spike Markers are compatible with virtually all marker locators, including the EML-100 from Tempo, and are available with all industry-standard frequencies and color combinations.

Cat No: SM11