Nelson Irrigation Australia

SPOTON® Mega Flow Meter


  • Range:: 0.35-44.00GPM, 1.30-166.0LPM, 80-9990L/hr
  • Accuracy:: Greater of +/- 3% or 1 Least Significant Digit up to 30 GPM (+/- 5% over 30 GPM)
  • Fluid Compatibility:: Water & Water Based Solutions Only
  • Battery:: CR2032 Lithium Coin Cell (2-3 Year Battery Life)


• Provides high-resolution digital flow rate display within seconds.

• Internal baffles cleanly collect spray from operating nozzles.

• Accommodates up to 4.5in(11.4cm) diameter irrigation nozzle bodies.

• Remove top lid to collect flow from up to 9in(23cm) dia. shower heads.

• Simple rugged design has no moving parts.