Nelson Irrigation Australia

SRNV100 Big Gun®

The SRNV100 is the standard SR100 Big Gun® configured with a simple mechanical valve that has no pressure loss and is not susceptible to plugging.


The SRNV100 can be either hydraulically or electrically controlled and linked to the pivot control system. Because the Nozzle Valve is externally mounted there is no friction loss, turbulence, or debris hang-up.

The Delta P can be paired with the SRNV100 to further improve reliability by eliminating the need for a costly solenoid. The Delta P automatically opens and closes the nozzle valve by sensing pressure upstream and downstream of the booster pump.

During system start up the nozzle valve is open until the end pressure reaches approximately 8 psi. If at any time the end pressure drops below 8 psi the valve will open. This feature helps purge the system of debris that would otherwise have a tendency to plug the end of the machine.