Nelson Irrigation Australia

Stake and Feedtube Assemblies

Durable stake and feedtube assemblies in multiple sizes and types for any Rotator® sprinkler in any application.

A hazelnut field with cover crop irrigated with Nelson R10 Rotator® sprinklers for full coverage



Stakes are offered in a variety of materials and sizes to meet the needs of any application.

  • PVC: maximum durability and protection of the feedtube.
  • Steel Rod: easy to install
  • Fiberglass Rod: easy to install
  • Plastic: economical, easy to install


Nelson Irrigation uses durable flexible PVC feedtubes for minimum pressure loss, high performance, and UV resistance.

  • 4 mm, for flows up to 20 gph (76 lph)
  • 5 mm, for flows up to 0.65 gpm (148 lph)
  • 10 mm, for flows up to 2.4 gpm (545 lph)

See the available models in the related products below. Multiple tubing lengths and stake sizes/types are available for every Rotator® sprinkler.