Nelson Irrigation Australia


Manages the TWIG-V radio network by sending commands from the TWIG-MC to the TWIG-V devices in the field.

Nelson Irrigation's TWIG-V system, 1000 Series Valve and ACV200 in a vineyard


Where the TWIG-MC is the "brain" of the system, the Hub is the "voice." The TWIG-V Hub communicates with the latest TWIG-V devices.

  • Communicates using line-of-sight radio signal, over 900 MHz band (licensed in USA, Canada, and Australia)
  • Reliable two-way communication sends and receives information from the field units.
  • Fast-response radio network communicates in 3 seconds
  • Can control up to 100 TWIG-V devices and 8 TWIG-V Repeaters
  • Powered by and connects to the TWIG-MC using included cable

To bring TWIG-MC capability to first generation TWIG devices, refer to the TWIG Hub.