Nelson Irrigation Australia

TWIG-V Repeater

When blind spots or poor communications occur in a TWIG-V radio network due to vegetation, topography or excessive distances, a repeater can be installed to facilitate communications.

Nelson Irrigation's TWIG-V system, 1000 Series Valve and ACV200 in a vineyard


  • Maximum: 8 Repeaters in a TWIG-V Network


The TWIG-V Repeater creates a sub-network of TWIG-V radios with better signals than they would otherwise have by bridging obstacles that might block radio communications.

  • Up to 8 Repeaters in a TWIG-V network.
  • Optional Power Sources: 110 Volt AC or 12 Volt DC battery with solar charging kit (sold separately).
  • TWIG-V Repeaters require an external antenna.
  • Repeaters facilitate communication between the TWIG-V and the TWIG-V Hub only - repeaters do not communicate with each other and cannot be "daisy-chained".

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