Nelson Irrigation Australia


First generation TWIG radio module for valve control.


The first generation TWIG radio receiver turns valves on/off at the command of the TD200 or TWIG-MC with TWIG Hub.

  • Turns low voltage DC-latching solenoids on and off at the command of the TD200.
  • Three different models control up to 1, 2, or 4 valves, independently.
  • Proprietary Nelson high-powered radio. Adjustable between 902 and 924 MHz.
  • Dual internal antennas are standard.
  • External antenna available for when conditions require both ground-level accessibility to the TWIG and high antenna mounting for better reception.
  • Powered by two D-cell batteries, good for one irrigation season.
  • Rugged, field ready water-resistant box.
  • Versatile mounting for different applications (mounting kit ordered separately).