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Reliable sprinkler nozzles for lawn and garden sprinklers from Hunter. Accurate, even water application with a range of adjustable, fixed, and specialty nozzles, and the popular MP Rotator nozzles.



Standard MP Rotator

The MP Rotator nozzle is the most trusted high-efficiency solution on the…

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MP Rotator® MP800

The MP800 offers a higher precipitation rate perfect for small spaces and spray…

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MP Strips

MP Strip Nozzles offer a high-efficiency solution for irrigating narrow spaces.

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Pro Adjustable Nozzles - 15A

Pro Adjustable Nozzles

Choose Pro Adjustable Nozzles for optimal landscape coverage in any setting

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Pro Fixed Nozzles

When Accuracy is Imperative, Pro-Spray Fixed Nozzles Are the Solution

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PCN .25 Blue

Bubblers & Bubbler Nozzles

Accurate Delivery of Water to Roots

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ST 16A

Stream Nozzles

Prevent runoff for slope, groundcover, and shrub applications with the low…

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Strip Pattern Nozzles - Side Strip

Strip Pattern Nozzles

Irrigate narrow turf and planter areas accurately with fixed arc strip nozzles.

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Short Radius Micro Spray Nozzle - 6Q

Short Radius Micro Spray Nozzles

These highly accurate nozzles are perfect for small spaces and can support a…

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