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Big Gun® Sprinklers

Nelson Big Gun Sprinklers are the world’s leading large-volume sprinklers. Used by farmers and for dust suppression, they’re robust, reliable, and built to last


Nelson Irrigation 75 Series Big Gun® Sprinkler

75 Series Big Gun®

The 75 Series is the smallest option in the Big Gun® sprinkler family. It's a…

100 Series Big Gun® Sprinkler

100 Series Big Gun®

Pivot end gun. Industrial dust fighter. High-end horse pasture sprinkler.…

150 Series Big Gun® Sprinkler

150 Series Big Gun®

The workhorse for hose reel traveler irrigation, as well as solid set…

200 Series Big Gun® Sprinkler

200 Series Big Gun®

When you need to bring out the really Big Guns look to the 200 Series. Great…

Big Gun® Accessories

Nozzles, adapters, and special options for every application.