Nelson Irrigation Australia
The ultimate residential and commercial control solution uses the same modularity as the Pro-C™ Controller, with the power of Hydrawise Software for a smart and flexible control solution.

Higher HPC Controller station capacity

The popular HPC Controller just got even better! This year Hunter added the ability to use the PCM-1600 and PC-DM Modules from the classic Pro-C® Controller to improve installation flexibility. Now, the HPC can manage up to 23 conventional stations, 28 stations with two-wire only, or 32 total stations when mixing conventional and two-wire.

This new functionality makes the HPC Controller the most affordable, smart/Wi-Fi connected two-wire control system in the market! Customers now have more flexibility for new installations, retrofits, and system expansions. Perfect for residential and light commercial projects such as small business parks, schools, and retail shopping centres, the HPC provides a compact, yet powerful solution for midsize projects.

Following suit with standard Pro-C Controllers, Hydrawise-enabled HPC-400 Controllers can now:

• Operate up to 23 conventional stations

• Permit hybrid conventional/EZDS control up to 32 total stations (28 stations available for two-wire only)

• Minimum firmware versions required - Controller (v4.31); module (v1.14) - may require manual update from Tech Services/FSM