Nelson Irrigation Australia
The SRM is an economical short-range rotor that offers a convenient and efficient alternative to spray heads.

Redesigned SRM-04 Rotor

Make Precise Arc Adjustments and Ensure Top Performance with More Nozzle Choices

With some ½" inlet sprinklers, adjusting the arc within a precise area can be difficult. The redesigned SRM-04 rotor makes arc adjustment easy with an improved 5:1 performance ratio.

This innovative feature lets contractors change the arc in 1° increments to set the watering pattern exactly as needed. A simple twist of the wrench is all it takes to fine-tune the edges for better coverage at the outer radius of the stream.

Better Than Before

Along with better arc control, the SRM-04 rotor provides additional functionality while retaining the best features of the original.

  • New compatibility with 2.5 and 4.0 nozzles increases the nozzle options to eight, giving contractors more choices to select the best nozzle for every project.
  • Designed for use with tall turf varieties, the 10 cm height allows the high-performance nozzles to clear obstructions for efficient watering.
  • Adjustable arc from 40° to 360° keeps water in the appropriate area.
  • Headed and slotted setscrew allows simple radius adjustment with a Hunter wrench or flat-blade screwdriver.

The cost-competitive, short-range SRM-04 rotor is ideal for small turf areas that require a highly efficient, easy-to-use sprinkler.

The SRM-04 rotor is available now.