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MP Rotator

MP Rotator® MP3500-90 Production Update

Due to ongoing manufacturing challenges, Hunter Industries have temporarily paused production of model MP3500-90 MP Rotator. Previously shipped MP3500-90 models in your inventory can be sold with confidence. They will continue to manufacture other MP Rotator models as normal.

Existing orders will remain in the queue unless we are notified otherwise. In the meantime, the following industry-leading products are available as alternatives if needed:

  • PGP® Ultra or I-20 Rotor with a 2.5 nozzle provides the same 10.7 m (35') radius as the MP3500-90
  • MP Rotator Nozzle model MP3000-90 while spacing for a shorter radius of 9.1 m (30').
  • PGJ Rotor with a 4.0 nozzle while designing for a higher flow of 15 l/min (4 GPM).

With water savings up to 30% over traditional spray nozzles, the best-in-class MP Rotator family continues to set the industry standard for conservation, reliability, and performance in landscapes around the globe. Hunter Industries are making investments to improve capacity while maintaining the high quality you expect from every Hunter product, and we will update you when the situation improves.

Please reach out to us directly if you have questions. We appreciate your patience, understanding, and partnership. Thank you for supporting Nelson Australia.