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Universal Decoder Stake

Universal Decoder Stake Kit

Simplify Installation and Service for All Hunter Decoders and Most Other Brands

Accessing decoders at the bottom of a valve box can be inconvenient, messy, and even dangerous. Digging decoders out of the mud or gravel during routine maintenance often disturbs spiders, snakes, and other critters commonly found there.

The new Universal Decoder Stake kit raises the decoder off the ground, keeps the device clean, and makes it safe and simple to access and wirelessly program.

A Smart Solution

The kit lets contractors organise two-wire installations like a pro and ensures easy access for future servicing.

  • Holds decoders in end-up position for quick access and wireless programming without removal
  • Designed for use with all Hunter decoders and most other brands
  • Sturdy construction ensures the stake won’t break or bend when hammered into the dirt
  • Zip ties conveniently included to secure the stake during installation
  • Made primarily from recycled material with minimal packaging to prevent waste and minimise carbon footprint

The Universal Decoder Stake kit are available now.